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What is included on a DJ CD?

Author Alixess Spears
Last Modified 11/25/19 03:40 PM
What is included on a DJ CD?

EVERY CD comes with black & white images, and full color images. Images are all high quality .png & .jpg formats. Please check product descriptions as some images may only include just 1 file type or color only (ie. printable cards & background papers).

EVERY CD is Windows/PC AND MAC compatible.

ALL NEWER DJ CD's (2007 - present) include a PDF manual right on the CD so that you can browse the images in full color! It also includes some fun usage ideas and installation & copyright information. Feel free to print this manual off if that is easier for you... but it might be a good idea to change the settings on your printer for a lighter ink flow (Fast Draft / Quick Print).

NEW CD's, DIGITAL DOWNLOADS & UPGRADES include png & jpg image formats. Png images have transparent backgrounds... while jpg images have white backgrounds (like a white box around each image). Both are easy to use, and accepted by most 'host programs.' Voted the best image types by OUR customers too!

OLDER TITLED CD's include 'Vector' (transparent background) format images: wmf, &/or eps... as well as 'Raster' (white background) images: tiff, &/or bmp. Older titles include a paper printed manual of the images including installation & copyright information.

SOME CD's may also include fonts, writing templates or easy to make projects! Make sure you fully explore your CD, and look at the samples in the detailed description of each DJ product.

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