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DJ Inker's download back-up service - CD burn or USB flash drive

Download Back-Up Service - CD Burn or USB Flash Drive

Please choose: CD or USB drive:
By default, all downloads on this order are included. To add previous purchases, please list order #'s or titles below:
Price: $6.00
You will earn 6 DJ Reward Points in rewards when you purchase this product.
If you need a hard copy or back-up of your DJI purchases, let us make your life a little easier!  We'll copy any of your purchased clip art, fonts and printable fun (including previous purchases) to your choice of CD or USB flash drive, then mail it quickly and safely to you with a smile.  :)

Great for YOU if...
  • You want to use your art and fonts on multiple computers/locations (still just one user please) 
  • You have a slow internet connection
  • You have a new computer.  It can be a lot of work to refresh and redownload all of your DJ purchases when a computer crashes!
  • By default, we will include all products on the same invoice as this purchase.  If you'd like us to include previous purchases, please list the order #'s or download titles in the 'customer notes' field when you check-out.
  • Shipping will be added when you purchase this product.  (You do NOT need a CD burn for purchasing a CD title.)
  • Respect capacity.  For a CD burn, please add ***ONE CD for every 25 downloads*** you'd like burned/copied to it.  (See notes on capacity below.)  Need more than 25?  Use the drop down to add an additional CD for just $2 more.
  • USB drives can fit a lot more.  Limit 60 downloads. but please contact us if you are uncertain.
COUNTING downloads for capacity:
  • One complete 'download collection' (ie. 'The Doodlers Collection') counts as TEN towards your total.
  • Fonts are much smaller.  5 fonts count as 1 towards your total.  Multi-font collections count as ONE. 
Look for the customer notes section at check-out.  This is a great place to type in any further instructions or list previous purchases/downloads you want burned on this order.  If there are no notes, we will burn all downloads that are on the same order with this product.  Feel free to email us for more information on this service: