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How to Download & Extract (Unzip) Files

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Posted: 01/08/2016 06:44 PM
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Synopsis: Learn how to download & open DJ Digital products & FREEBIES. Tips included for PC/Windows and MAC.

The best thing about DJ Digital Downloads is that they are available IMMEDIATELY after payment. Just click on the 'Download' button right on the invoice... or check your email for a link as well. All download links are good for 72 hours from the time of purchase... please contact us if you miss the deadline & need a new link.

If you're NEW to Digital Downloads... we HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you click here & try a FREEBIE first ...they work the same way as the downloads you buy.

HOW TO DOWNLOAD for PC/WINDOWS: Click on the 'Download' button on your invoice or email. A little window will pop up for you to 'Save,' 'Open or 'Cancel.' CHOOSE SAVE. Then pick a place on your computer where you can find it again quickly (like your Desktop or 'My Documents'). Click 'Save' again.

Once the download is done copying to your computer, you'll have that file stored wherever you chose to save. Go there on your computer. You will see a 'compressed' or 'zip' file called "dji_name of download.zip" & usually looks like a folder with a zipper (just look for .zip). You will NOT be able to access the contents until it is 'extracted' or 'opened.' (Our download files are 'compressed' so that they download to your computer quickly.)

TO OPEN or EXTRACT/UNZIP THE FILE: Right-click once on the zip file (some computers use a double-click or simply look for the file options below) & choose one of the following: 'Extract All' OR
'Open With'
then look for one of the following options & follow the instructions on the screen:
'Compressed Folders'
'Seven Zip' (Windows 7 users)

THEN... A new window will open. From here, follow the instructions to 'extract/open contents' (or 'unzip') the file. (It will ask you again where you want to save the contents... be sure to put it somewhere you'll find it. Once the file is open, you will be able to access the file contents. This action creates a new 'opened' folder for the download, so you can delete the 'compressed' (.zip) version of the file. (If you install DJ CD's on your computer, stay organized by saving your downloads to your C: drive within your DJ Inkers folder.)

Once you've extracted, you can use the clip art and fonts on your projects & creations to your heart's content! (For personal use only... All digital downloads are copyrighted material.)

HOW TO DOWNLOAD for MAC: Click on the download link from your invoice or email. Follow the 'click here' button on our site... this will open a download folder pop-up. Once the download has finished copying to your download folder, dbl click on the name of the download to open. From here, you can open the desired image/font/activity folders & use them on your creations. :) If you'd like, you can create a 'DJ Inkers' folder somewhere else on your computer & copy/paste all of your DJ Downloads into one place. (Then you can delete the DJ downloads from inside your download folder.)

NOTE: If the download link does not work, try clicking on the 'Show Content First' bubble & try again.

FONT DOWNLOADS for PC/Windows: The fastest & easiest way to install your font from a download is to first make sure that you have downloaded & extracted all files. Then simply right-click on the font and choose 'Install.' (Our fonts are .ttf files that will have the name of the DJ font & a blue TT icon.) Click Continue, OK &/or allow. All done! :) If this does not work for you, please see the INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS document that is included within your DJ download folder (access this document & follow the directions once you have unzipped the contents as shown above).

FONT DOWNLOADS FOR MAC: Follow above downloading instructions. Dbl-click on the font folder, then dbl-click on the name of the font (.TTF file... for example DJ Chunk M.TTF). This will open a pop-up window. Click on the the option to 'Install Font.' This will automatically copy/install the font into your system.

Still having trouble?? Make sure you 'temporarily allow pop-ups' from our site (the download window will be a small pop-up). ALSO... try using a different browser to download from. Please contact smiles@djinkers.com with your order ID#, computer operating system (ie. Windows 7), and which browsers you have tried. We'll make sure you get your purchases as soon as possible. :)

Click here if you have downloaded files that are 'corrupt or invalid.'

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