Blog DJ Inkers To Do: Draw & Create Fun New Smiles for YOU!

To Do: Draw & Create Fun New Smiles for YOU!

/ By: Alixess Spears
sprinklers Hello my darling DJ Friends!   Ohhh how I hope your summer is rolling along fabulously!  I'm going to admit right here...that I've been a summer slug this year.  I've read a lot of great books, binge-watched Grey's Anatomy, tried learning Italian on my phone app, traveled to and fro across the country quite a bit (and what I've found out is that it's so HOT all across the country)!  But my absolute favorite part has been watching my two little grandsons play in the sprinklers and my sweet little granddaughter grin and crawl for the first time.   I feel so blessed.  And fortunate to still have a couple months of summer left to soak in the sun and love! addie I'm reminded all too's Back to School time!  So drawing and getting my rear in gear to create fun new smiles for YOU is topping my list of things to do now.  We've cooked up a lot of fun new ideas this year and ways to improve how we can help make your classroom brighter and better.  If you have any suggestions (and I LOVE your suggestions!) please drop me a line and let me know what smiles YOU'd like to see from DJ Inkers. :)   Our NEW' Grades sets' have been a great success so far... and there's more to come!  I've tried to include in each set, designs and sayings that are used often for each grade level and coordinate easily for notes home, decorating your rooms, etc.   Kidoodlez-Trio_smIf you're looking for more specific school subjects and many more designs... our Kidoodlez series is on a FANTASTIC SALE for back to school!  This really is some of our best work & most useful designs for learning.  You can choose 3 titles for one incredible price... OR get the whole series of 7 CD's for over 40% off!!!  It's a great time to buy... and you won't be disappointed.  :)   I'm going to go grab an icy cold drink and sit out on the porch to appreciate the good ol' summertime before it gets too hot.... it slips away so quickly!  Here's to YOU and hoping that you're taking a minute to enjoy it too! Sunshine, smiles and warm summer hugs!   Dianne