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Kidoodlez School Subjects Clip Art

DJ's 'Kidoodlez Series' is full of darling school subject-specific clip art, borders, sayings & fonts!
Perfect for teachers, parents, room mothers, students, schools & SMILES!
These CD's are also available in download format. PLUS... we've got great discounts for schools! Hooray! Click here to learn about Site Licenses...


Kidoodlez Early Years Clip Art CD
SKU: CD106
Kidoodlez For Life Clip Art CD
SKU: CD123
Kidoodlez Language Arts Clip Art CD
SKU: CD108
Kidoodlez Science & Math Clip Art CD
SKU: CD122
Kidoodlez The Arts Clip Art CD
SKU: CD104
Kidoodlez USA Clip Art CD
SKU: CD105
Kidoodlez Wonder-full World Clip Art CD
SKU: CD107
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Complete Kidoodlez Collection: 7 School Clip Art CD's
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