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Site Licenses - Additional (discounted) licensing for multiple users

Author Alixess Spears
Created 01/18/38 10:14 PM
Last Modified 07/14/21 03:16 PM
Hooray! Schools buying more than 1 of the same product can save by buying DJ Site Licenses!

Site licenses are available for schools ONLY... and ONLY through a Purchase Order. Click here for information on how to place a purchase order...

In order to qualify to purchase a site license... the school must purchase the original CD or download. The original purchase must be verified by DJ Inkers OR placed on the same order. One user is allowed with original purchase. For each additional user, you need a site license.

CD Site licenses are $10 per program per computer. (For example if 10 people want to use 'DJ Borders CD,' you'll need to buy one CD (or verify purchase)... and then purchase 9 site licenses.

LIMITATIONS: the DJ program cannot be used for commercial purposes or for teachers to post created projects for sale (ie. Teachers Pay Teachers). The DJ programs would be for use at the school only. Copies of the images or fonts on a school-wide license are not allowed.

You can also buy site licenses for digital downloads. After the original purchase, each download site license is 50% of the original cost.

We NOW offer a School-Wide Site License! This would allow your school to put a DJ program on the server or be available to any teacher or administrator at the school. The cost is $500 per school, per program. (This includes the cost of the CD & shipping.) This does NOT cover a whole district though... just one school. Of course, you are welcome to use our original pricing if that works out better for your school.

On your order, note each CD site license individually as: 'Site License: Name of DJ CD.' If you are placing an order for Site Licenses ONLY (no products), you do NOT need to include shipping. Sorry, DJ's Site Licenses are not eligible for discounts/coupons.

Your School & DJ Inkers each need a copy of the agreement, which we will send to you when you order. Just sign & return agreements by email:

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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