Purchase Orders

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DJ Inkers is HAPPY to accept Purchase Orders from:  schools, churches/religious organizations, non profit organizations, businesses/wholesale

There are 2 ways to place a Purchase Order: 
1)  Email smiles@djinkers.com for a purchase order coupon code (allowing you to check-out without entering payment info).  Then simply shop for smiles... AND add this product to your order (marking it as a PO for our attention):  https://www.djinkers.com/purchase-order-net-30-terms.html

2) Simply send us your purchase order (or a product list for the order) via email (smiles@djinkers.com).  We will reply to confirm receipt, and input the order into our system for you.  Please remember to include:
Contact Name
Contact Email (for download links)
Contact Phone Number
Billing Address
Special instructions for your order

Payment terms are Net 30  (payable via check, paypal OR credit card)
Please mail checks to DJ Inkers
PO box 1999
Mount Dora, FL 32757

Note:  purchase orders are tax exempt, so please let us know if you need us to update your order OR profile to 'Tax exempt' status.

Need MULTIPLE LICENSES for the same product?  Just let us know!  Email smiles@djinkers.com for a site license discount when there's more than one user (at the same school/organization) for the same product(s).
Author Alixess Spears