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Posted: 08/31/2015 09:04 PM
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Synopsis: If you have an old DJ CD (or even a floppy disk) & you want to 'upgrade' to the newest version of the same title... you may be eligible to receive a 40% discount! :) See details for more info...

If you have an old DJ CD (or even a floppy disk) & you want to 'upgrade' to the newest version of the same title... you may be eligible to receive a 40% discount! :) This can be done before OR after you buy the new title.

A few important things to NOTE FIRST: 1) Upgrades are ONLY available for the corresponding title. 2) We must be able to verify original purchase in order for you to qualify for the upgrade discount. 3) Upgrade discounts cannot be combined with any other offer, commercial license club discount or sale price. The discount will be off the list/regular price. 4) Each customer is eligible for ONE discount/credit for each upgraded title... NOT one for each previously purchased disk. 5) You may 'upgrade' from a CD to a download version if you like... or vice versa.

For a CD upgrade: we can usually verify purchase of the program in our system. Then we can get the discount for you right away. Just email with your request, or give us a call: 1-435-714-7007.

For old DJ floppy disks (or DJ products purchased through another company): we have a new way to verify purchase. There's only a few titles from floppies that qualify for an upgrade at this point, so please check the list below. If you have a disk that has an upgrade listed, please take a photo of your old disks (or a scan) & email this to us with your upgrade request (

Once you qualify for the upgrade, we can process the order for you with the discount... OR give you a coupon code & instructions to complete the order at your convenience.
If you have already purchased the 'upgraded' version... we can credit your DJ account for the difference in reward points (to spend on our website like cash) or a DJ gift certificate.

Here is a list of older DJ programs and the corresponding upgrades:

All Sorts of Sports CD: The 'Sports Fan' download collection.
Baby Bundles CD: The 'Baby Bundles' download collection.
Borders (CD or floppy): NEW Borders, png/ jpg CD or download
Chris'moose Mountain CD: The 'Chrismoose Collection' download.
Critter Craze CD: NEW png/jpg CD or download
Dazzle Daze CD (or Doodlers 1 & 2 floppies): The complete 'Dazzle Daze' clip art download
DJ'S Ultimate Doodle Collection CD: NEW png/jpg CD or download
Fairy Dust CD: The 'Fairytale' download collection.
Fontastic Too CD (2002 or earlier, not Font 2): NEW CD or download
Grins & Giggles CD: The complete 'Grins & Giggles' collection.
Inspirations CD (or 'Inspires' floppy): The 'DJ Inspires' download collection.
Jolly Holly Days CD (or Holly Jolly floppy): NEW png/jpg CD or download
Kidillywinks CD: NEW png/jpg CD or download
Super Fontastic CD (2000 or earlier OR Fontastic floppies): NEW CD or download
Vacation Frenzy CD: The 'Summer Vacation' download collection.
Wild Hare CD: The 'Wild Hare' spring download collection.

There are no upgrades available for the following disks
Say It With A Smile
Holly Days Best
Whimsical Winter
Just For Fun
Serendipity Soup
Smile Starters
Through the Year
Scraps & Stitches (Some images available on 'Home Stitches' & 'Alpha Stitches' digital downloads.)

Images from the following floppies can also be found in the 'DJ Inspires' collection, but there is no upgrade discount available: Kids Classics, Fiddlesticks, Pure In Heart, & Heart Bound.

There are no upgrade discounts for the CD's that were included with our 'Cut & Copy' books OR for the Book/CD combos by Carson Dellosa. However, if you're looking some of this art... or for another DJ collection that isn't listed... we are happy to help! The art may still be available in a different collection. :)

Please don't hesitate to email us if you have any questions regarding upgrades:

Sorry, new policies & procedures are not retroactive for previously handled upgrades.

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