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What Program Should I Use Clip Art In?

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Posted: 08/10/2011 01:58 PM
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Synopsis: Lists of possible programs to use your clip art in...with either a PC/Windows or a MAC computer.

Before you can use clip art, you must have a ‘host program’ that will allow you to access & use the images. There are more options than we can list! Any program with the word 'Photo,' 'Graphics' or 'Image' in the name will usually work wonderfully.

We highly discourage using 'Word' programs... but if that's all you have, it will work. It's just tricky, because it's built for, well... words. Check the DJ Learning Center for tips on working with clip-art in Word.

Some examples of ‘host programs’ for PC/Windows users:
Print Master
Microsoft Power Point
Print Shop (Gold or newer)
MS Publisher
Print Artist
Corel Draw
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop (does not accept .wmf files from older DJ CD's)
Photoshop Elements
Creating Keepsakes Scrapbook Designer

Some examples of ‘host programs’ for MAC users:
Print Master (Click here to buy at DJ Inkers.)
Adobe Photoshop (any version)
Adobe Illustrator (any version)
Microsoft Power Point

Remember this is not a complete list. Be sure to check your host program’s reference manual for compatibility.

DJ Inker's tech support will do our best to help... but we cannot teach you how to use your specific graphics/host program. Of course, we are HAPPY to answer questions & help you through problems with OUR products. Refer to the 'Clip Art Tips' section of the DJ Learning Center for great tips on how to use clip-art.

Please refer to your program's 'Help menu,' instruction manual or technical support line if you need further assistance. Possible key words are clip art, graphics, pictures, photos, image, import, insert etc. Each ‘host program’ uses different methods and terminology.

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