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Can I make copies of my CD's or downloads to share? Can I sell or give away my old CD's?

Author Alixess Spears
Last Modified 07/14/21 03:08 PM
NO. This is definitely a copyright violation & against the law. :( DJ Inker's products are intended to be used by the purchaser ONLY... for that person's home, educational or personal use.

The purchaser may install a DJ product on multiple computers, as long as each computer is for that person's use only.

Reselling or gifting USED or COPIED disks/downloads is also a big no-no.  :(  We really want to stay in business, so please help us out and simply refer them instead.  We'd even be happy to give you a coupon code as a loyal customer.

If multiple teachers at a school are interested in the same DJ CD or download, we do have discounts available through 'Site Licensing.' (This is an agreement between a school & DJ Inkers to allow multiple users on the same product.)  Click here for more info...

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