Commercial License Club

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Are you considering a Commercial License with DJ Inkers? There's some great NEW benefits... including the Commercial License Club! (Let's call it the CL club from here on out.) Here's how it works:

1. You become a member after purchasing a DJ Inkers CL.  We have to manually edit your profile to add you to the club, however, so you may need to give us a few hours or even a business day to activate your discount.  You will get an email to confirm... with some helpful tips and an extra freebie just for YOU!  Be sure to check your SPAM/junk folder or contact us if you don't hear from us within a business day.

2. Members get 20% off all purchases at DJ Inkers!  This even includes sale items & collections!!!   (There are occasional exceptions like big CD bundles or site-wide sales when your discount would change OR not apply. This will be noted in product details or sale announcements.)

Your discount in the CL club will show as a $ amount after 'DISCOUNTS' in the subtotals section of your shopping cart. (Other discounts, like a 'buy together' offer may be shown there too.)

Be sure to join our Commercial License Club email list and stay in the loop for BONUS freebies, coupons and discounts.  :)
Author Alixess Spears