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Updates and improvements to DJ Inker's Commercial Licenses

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Please know that we always do our best to listen to our customers and keep things simple & full of smiles for you. In the last couple of years, we've made some big changes to the terms of use on our commercial licenses. Whether you have one now, you've had one in the past... or you've considered buying one... this is GOOD (& important) information for you to know.

1. DJ Inker's commercial license is NOW a one-time fee, and you are covered 'for life!'  No more annual dues or renewals. PLUS... after purchasing a commercial license with DJ Inkers, you'll get a 20% discount on ALL of your orders with us!!!   Wahooooo!  

We will manually add the 'membership' to your user profile, and email you to confirm that your discount is active.  Be sure to use the same login each time (to get your discount and to earn/pay with reward points).  Your discount will be shown in the subtotal section of your shopping cart.

2.  We are now able to offer SINGLE PRODUCT commercial licensing upon request.  If you just want to use one font or clip art set commercially, that's ok!  :)   You don't need to buy the full lifetime license.  Just contact us with the specific products you're interested in and we'll be happy to set that up for you.  

You can buy the product and the license at the same time, OR we can offer you a single product license for a product you've already purchased (and charge the difference).  Example:  a single font is typically $2.99 for personal/educational use, $9.99 for commercial use.  ($7 to buy the font license separately.)

2. You only need ONE DJ Inker's commercial license per person.  You no longerneed one license per website/selling venue.  We DO offer discounted add-ons if you have multiple employees wishing to use our art for the same company.  Please contact us for more info.

3. We no longer require our copyright information to be posted on every page of your projects. NOW, it is only required that you post it somewhere on your project (cover, credits page etc.) and also in your product description.  We really appreciate it when you can include our website too.  :)

4. We no longer limit the earning potential of a specific product. DJ's commercial licenses are NOT for manufacturers, large corporations or for use in mass production. Commercial use is for small home-based business, home-based crafters (ie. Etsy, etc.) & teachers (Teachers Pay Teachers, Teachers Notebook etc.). We hope you make millions! :) 

We appreciate your patience with us and your cooperation as we work to evolve as a company. :)  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.  Smiles to YOU!

Dianne & Crew

* DJ Inkers Commercial License Club terms & conditions are subject to change.  Updated September 10, 2021.
Author Alixess Spears