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Installing clip art CD's on a MAC

MAC computers don't technically 'install.' You just need to copy the information from the DJ CD to your hard drive. :)

To do this: Insert your CD into your disk drive. Next, choose the 'file type' you want to use: newer DJ CD's & downloads include png & jpg... you can copy both, if desired. (To find the png & jpg folders, click start & follow the prompts. If you don't see the start button, click installer, then click win root, then click dj inkers & then the CD title. The image folders should be inside. Simply copy & paste the desired image folders into a folder on your computer named as the DJ CD title.)

On older DJ CD's, MAC users should choose the 'Raster' folder for .tif &/or .pict images or the 'Vector' folder for .eps images. PLEASE see CD description for file types.

Once you have chosen the desired folders to copy, simply drag that folder to your hard drive. (You can create a DJ Inkers folder, if you want to keep all titles in one place.) Ta-Da! Your clip art is installed!

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Author Alixess Spears