Installing DJ Fonts on MAC

Author Alixess Spears
Last Modified 05/28/20 05:35 PM
If your system is 7.0x or higher: Close all open programs. Insert the CD (or extract download contents). Open the folder so that you are viewing the DJ font(s). Double click the font file (.TTF or .OTF file)... this should open a separate window with a button to "Install Font." Click to install. Repeat the process for each font... or "select all" within your folder to install several fonts at once.

If this doesn't work, instead open the fonts folder within the System folder on your hard drive. Then select the font files from the DJ CD/download & drag them over to the computer's open 'fonts folder.' Click the OK button on the confirmation message that appears.

If your system is 6.0.5(x) with TrueType INIT & Font/DA Mover 4.1: Close all open programs. Insert the CD and double click the font suitcase. Click on one of the font suitcases. This will start Font/DA Mover. Click the Open button and open your system file. Select the desired fonts and click the Copy button. Click the Quit button. Choose Restart from the special menu to ensure correct installation of the font.

When DJ Inkers fonts are installed correctly... they should appear in the font choices list on any program with font options. They will be listed alphabetically under 'DJ' with the font title (example 'DJ Serif'). Remember... sometimes you need to restart your computer in order for the fonts to appear in your font list.

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