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Installing clip art CD's on a PC/Windows

There are a few different ways to install the DJ Inkers clip art to your hard drive.

Auto-Install: (The easiest & best way.) DJ CD's are equipped with an auto-install feature that works on most computers. When you load the CD into the disk drive, it will start automatically & open an options menu after the title screen. Select 'Install' & follow the prompts until the installation is complete. Once complete, your clip art will be found in your 'C: drive' within the DJ Inkers folder. (To get there go to 'Computer' then double click the 'C:' drive then 'DJ Inkers.' Each program will have a folder inside.)

If the CD does NOT start-up automatically: Place the CD into the disk drive. Open 'Computer,' & double click on the CD from the menu (ie. Kidillywinks). If the Auto Install doesn't open... a list of folders & files will show up. Double click on the one called "SETUP.exe" that has a little picture of a computer next to it (application). From here, the rest of the instructions will be on the CD menu for you to follow.

Manual PC/Windows Install: (Use when auto options do not work... OR when installing older DJ CD's on Vista/7/8.)

Insert the CD into the disk drive. Go to your main menu or desktop, & double-click on '(My) Computer,' then double-click on the 'C: drive' (or 'Local Disk C' or HP:C etc.).

If you have other DJ CD's already installed: double-click on the DJ Inkers folder, and create a new folder inside & name it the title of the CD you are installing. (To create a new folder, click on File, New, Folder OR right click in a blank area within the DJ Inkers folder and choose New, Folder. Type the name in the blue highlighted text box & hit enter.) Open the new folder you just created (double click) & leave this window OPEN.

If this is your first DJ CD: click on File, New, Folder (OR right click in a blank area within the C: drive menu and choose New, Folder) & type "DJ Inkers" in the blue highlighted box & hit enter. Then open the DJ Inkers folder, & repeat the steps for a new folder, naming it as the title of the CD that you're installing. Open the new folder you just created & leave this window OPEN.

Next... open '(My) Computer' again & double click on the DJ CD you're installing (or right click & select 'Open'). Now you are viewing the contents of the CD. There will be a folder called the name of the CD with png & jpg folders OR 'Vector.' Right-click on the folder(s) with the file types you want & select 'Copy.' (Note: you'll need to do this once for each folder if you want both png & jpg formats installed... or click & hold shift while you click on the second folder to copy 2 at a time.)

Now go back to the window that you left open with your new folder. Right-click in the blank white space & select 'Paste.' This will copy the clip-art folder(s) to your hard drive. Once it has finished copying, your DJ clip art is ready for you to play with! :)

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Author Alixess Spears