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Installing DJ Fonts for PC/Windows

Author Alixess Spears
Last Modified 05/28/20 05:31 PM
TO INSTALL DJ FONT DOWNLOADS... First make sure that you have downloaded & extracted all files ( click here for instructions). Then simply right-click on the font and choose 'Install.' (Our fonts are either .otf or .ttf files with the name of the DJ font.)  Click Continue, OK &/or allow. All done! :)

** Install multiple fonts at once by clicking 'select all' (control + A at the same time). Then right-click on one of the highlighted fonts & choose 'install.'

TO INSTALL DJ FONT CD's... All of our font CD's all include automatic installation by simply inserting the CD into the drive & following the instructions. :) (If the CD does not start-up automatically, open 'Computer' and double click the font CD from the menu. If this does not start up the main menu screen, then click on the file labeled setup.exe (usually a little blue computer icon)... or follow the directions below.

If the fonts will NOT install automatically... First be sure that the CD is in your drive & double click on it or choose 'open to view files' from the windows menu. Next, open the 'fonts' folder (it may be inside a folder with the CD title). You should see a list of fonts or a lot of little TT icons. 'Select All' of the fonts (control + A at the same time)... this highlights everything in that folder. Then right-click on one of the highlighted fonts & choose 'install.' :)

When DJ Inkers fonts are installed correctly... they will appear alphabetically in the font choices list on any program that allows you to change fonts. They will be listed as 'DJ' & the font title (example 'DJ Serif'). If you've completed the installation & you still do not see the fonts listed, try a restart on your computer. That will usually do the trick and you'll see the fonts listed when you reboot. (Online host programs like GoogleDocs & email do not use installed fonts.)

Don't see the install option? Still stuck? Choose 'Control Panel' from your main start/windows menu. Double-click the Fonts icon. (If you do not see a fonts icon... (or you have Windows 7 & later) click 'Appearance & Personalization' and then click on the fonts folder.)

Once you have opened the fonts folder, you will be viewing all of the fonts that are currently on your computer. Leave this window open.

If you are comfortable with how-to 'drag & drop,' all you have to do now is open the fonts folder on the DJ CD (or download). (Our fonts are .ttf files that will have the name of the DJ font & a blue TT icon.) Click once on a DJ font to select it (hold shift to select more than one at a time. CTRL+A to 'select all') and drag your selected font(s) to the open control panel folder & drop them into this window. (Be sure to "allow" on Vista or 7.) Then your fonts are installed!

If you don't know how to drag & drop... Stay on the fonts folder within the Control Panel. Click on File & select 'Install New Font.' (If you don't have a 'File' option simply right-click in a blank area within the folder & choose 'Install New Font.') This will bring up another new window. Select your DJ CD from the drop down Drives menu (usually an e: or f: with a picture of a CD by it). For downloads, find the location you saved the file to on your computer.

A fonts folder should appear in the list of fonts box on the top left corner. Double-click on the fonts folder. A list of DJ fonts will appear above... click on the 'Select All' button, then click OK. Now your fonts are installed. :)

NOTE: If you don't see your fonts listed alphabetically under 'DJ' after installation, it is always best to restart your computer & then check again after it has rebooted.

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