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How to Edit Clip Art: Move, Re-size, Rotate etc.

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First you'll need to add (or "insert") clip art onto your project. There are 3 easy ways to add clip art to any project:  drag & drop, copy & pasteor using the "Insert" image/picture option from your tools menu.

NOTE: In most Word programs, you must'Format Picture' before you can layer OR manipulate the image. Otherwise options are very limited and you cannot layer or work with the placement of the image around the text.

TO MOVE AN IMAGE: To move/relocate an image on your page, just click & hold your mouse button on the image (or object) you wish to move; keep holding the button down as you drag the mouse to the place you want the image to be, & then release the button.

TO RE-SIZE AN IMAGE: Click on the image you want to re-size (little corner markers on the outline box will appear). Click on one of the corners & keep holding the mouse button down (Tip: your pointer will change to a re-size arrow when you're in the right spot). Drag your mouse inwards on the image to make it smaller, & outwards to make it larger. Release the mouse button when it is the size you want.

Be sure to use the corners to re-size & keep the image pure.  The side middle markers will distort the image. SOME programs also require you to hold the 'Shift' key down while resizing to avoid distortion

Please note... if you enlarge a .png or .jpg image too much the image will get a little blurry, as this reduces the quality of the image.

TO ROTATE AN IMAGE: Click on the image you want to rotate (little markers on the outline box will appear). In Word, Look for the top center marker... it has a green dot attached to it. When you mouse over this, it will change your pointer into a rotate arrow. In many other programs, this rotate arrow will appear on the corner markers when you mouse near the inside of the marker. Just click & hold the mouse button down as you change the angle the picture is sitting on. You can go back & forth... just release the mouse button when the rotation is where you want it.

You can also layer. crop, brighten, change the transparency, etc. within the 'Picture' menu on Word... and the tools menu on just about any graphics or photo program. Just play around with the tools... it's really fun and you'll be able to do so much more with your projects. :) 

To open the picture menu on word, first right click on your image and choose "format picture," then right click on the image again & choose 'Show picture toolbar."
Author Alixess Spears