Can I Print My Clip Art?

Last Modified 01/28/20 03:56 PM
Printing your clip art is super easy! FIRST... you must make sure that you have properly downloaded & unzipped/extracted the file. (You won't be able to access the images until you unzip/extract... all you can do is look at the file contents until this step is complete.) Click here for information on how to unzip/extract your download.

If you are printing a ready-made project, border, activity, etc. (one single image, without doing anything to it)... all you have to do is open the image. (Windows users double click on the image you wish to print.) On most computers it will automatically open in 'Windows Photo Gallery' or another basic photo program. From here, simply look for the 'Print' icon on the top menu bar.

Be sure you check your printer settings before you proceed (within the pop up window before you click OK to print): for color or black & white settings, quality settings, AND which printer you are using (some computers will automatically select a fax machine or PDF viewer... so you must select the actual printer from a drop-down menu).

You can also print from Microsoft Word, Publisher, Print Shop etc. Click here to learn how add your clip art to a blank document within a program.

Want to type on your border, add a hat to your bear, use multiple images or create a project before you print? That's easy too. Start with a blank document & you can insert & layer as many clip art images as you like. Click here to learn about layering and adding text to clip art.

Computers & programs may vary... but you can print our clip art on any machine that has a printer. (Your computer 'sees' our clip art as a 'photo' so you just need to open it or add it to a blank project/document in order to print.) If you're just plain stuck... please contact us for assistance. 1-435-714-7007 (M-F 8am - 4pm MST

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