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Can I use DJ clip art or fonts on my personal website or blog?

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Posted: 02/28/2013 03:37 PM
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Synopsis: Can I use DJ clip art or fonts on my personal website or blog? Family website? School/church website? Etc.

Usage policies for personal websites or blogs: This is a tricky question... if YOU (the purchaser) are the only one using the clip art or fonts... & your website/blog DOES NOT SELL ANYTHING, this is usually fine. (ie. family websites, schools, charities, religious organizations) However, the images & fonts should be used to create backgrounds, samples, freebies, projects, ideas & blog wear. Please do not post stand-alone images (that someone could easily copy & paste), and do NOT share clip art, fonts or download links.

Do NOT use DJ Inker's products for business cards, business signs, business defining products, letterheads etc!!! If you have a current DJ Inkers commercial license, you may post finished derivative projects to sell as defined in the terms of your license.

School & Classroom websites... are fine to use our images & fonts as long as the website is for educational purposes, and does not sell any products.Click here for more information on our terms of use...

If you DO qualify to use our clip art &/or fonts on your website/blog: simply include a note on your site saying: 'Clip art &/or fonts Dianne J Hook. www.djinkers.com' And... even better if you can link that to our website too: www.djinkers.com, although this is not required.

PLEASE NOTE: Sharing CD's, individual images or fonts, download links or finalized project is a copyright violation. See our School website/blog info page for more information on sharing ideas/projects with fellow teachers...

If 2+ people are interested in using a DJ Inker's CD or download within the same school, we can offer a group discount. Check-out our 'Site License' page for more information.

If you are uncertain whether or not you qualify, it is ALWAYS best to contact us... so you don't get in trouble.
1-435-714-7007 or smiles@djinkers.com

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