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Posted: 02/28/2013 07:23 PM
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Synopsis: Can my school place a purchase order? What are the terms? How do I do this?

DJ Inkers is HAPPY to accept Purchase Orders from:
Churches/Religious Organizations

If you are unsure whether you qualify to place a purchase order, please contact us: 1-435-714-7007 or smiles@djinkers.com

Purchase Orders can be placed via EMAIL or FAX.
FAX: 1-801-880-7509
EMAIL: smiles@djinkers.com

Simply send us your order and remember to include:
Contact Name
Contact Phone Number
Contact Email (ESPECIALLY if you're ordering downloads)
Billing Address
Shipping Address
Order with quantities & cost
Include cost for shipping Click Here to view our shipping table...
Special instructions for your order

PLEASE NOTE: You will be billed with 'Net 30' terms upon receipt of your order (payment due within 30 days from placing order). If you have not received your order within 2 weeks of sending your PO, please email us to ensure that we have received your request. smiles@djinkers.com

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