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Spanish characters on fonts

Good news! ALL of DJ Inkers single font downloads NOW include Spanish characters!!! Hooray!

Unfortunately, the fonts from our 'Fontastic' programs do NOT have Spanish characters. Some of the fonts included on DJ CD's in the Kidoodlez series DO include Spanish characters... please check product details for more info.

Please feel free to email smiles@djinkers.com if you have any questions on specific fonts. If you purchased a DJ font download before the Spanish characters were included, just contact us with your order # and we will be glad to send you a new link.

To type Spanish characters on an English keyboard, DJ fonts use the following ALT codes (hold the ALT key while you press the numbers at the same time):
Á: 0193
É: 0201
Í: 0205
Ó: 0211
Ú: 0218
Ñ: 0209
á: 0225
é: 0233
í: 0237
ó: 0243
ú: 0250
ñ: 0241
¿: 0191
¡: 0161
Author Alixess Spears