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    • Ahh. The pressure is ON! I ‘post’ whatever’s in my heart and crazy head! (Good thing there’s no ‘rules’ on posting cute things!) Thanks for the kind words Kim! Heart and smiles…

  1. I’m always on the look out for what you come up with! I have had so much fun creating with your art. . . It’s like you are at the end of my fingers guiding me through every move. My kids also love the cutsified activities that I make with your art.
    Don’t EVER think about stopping!

  2. As a children’s librarian at our local library I love the art work for flyers, brochures, and color sheets for the children.

    • Cindy… I LOVE YOUR stuff too! You look GREAT! I watch you often on facebook and am so proud of the marathons, etc. that you are in! Hope you’re doing great and thank you for posting this. It’s so great to know my big, crazy fantastic family is somewhere on the other side of the screen 🙂 Hugs and loves ~Dianne

  3. Dianne, I cannot fully express my admiration for your work enough! I own the most adorable clip art for every month of the year thanks to you. I can spot your style and creativity from a mile away – and you seem to get better as time goes on! Thank you for brightening up my classroom with your bright and cheerful creations. I will spread the word about your blog!
    🙂 Tracey Schumacher, Teacher and author of “The Teacher’s Chair” Blog

  4. Love your clipart…the hardest part in creating projects is picking which one of your adorable graphics to use! 🙂 I would love to add your ‘button’ to my blog. Am I missing it somewhere?


  5. I am so excited you have a blog! I just saw it after logging in and purchasing the rainforest clipart collection. I have been a DJInker fan for 9 years now. I am SO excited to also get the free summer beach blast download and reading future blog posts!

  6. Hi there!! I am on the hunt for some super cute backpacks DJ style!! Can you help? Would love the cutouts but clipart would work too. Just hate to print all those out. My printer might not be able to take it!! 🙂

  7. I think the new site is better for viewing. The items are clear and easy to see, and the descriptions more complete. Grouping them also helps to compare and decide. Yes, the Freebies are a little bit more time-consuming – but after all, they are FREE! Nice job overall….

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