Create something wonder-FALL…

Dear DJ Friends…

I’ve gotta say… fall is the only time it’s hard for me to live in Florida. I miss the cooler temperatures, beautiful colors and the smells that come with autumn. There’s already snow in the mountains where I grew-up! At least I can make myself feel a bit better by creating some fun fall decorations and lots of festive clip art projects. 🙂

Create something fun for fall with DJ Inkers!  Cute owls and pumpkins from October Doodlers clip art.
What autumn smiles will YOU create?

If you’ve ever used DJ Inker’s clip art and fonts to create something truly wonder-FALL… we would LOVE to see! In fact, if you’ll share an image with us, we’ll treat YOU to a $5 coupon to shop for smiles! (It’s no trick.)

This can be anything from harvest time and leaves to Halloween, Thanksgiving or even back to school. All you have to do is send us an image! You can post it here on the blog, send an email to OR post in our facebook group: DJ Inkers Clip Art Creators. Be sure to include your email address so we can send you your own unique code.

Now in our family, one of the best parts about fall is Halloween. We’ve already got costumes in mind and have added a few creepy new decorations to the collection! I’ve even thought about not dusting… just so that the house looks more authentic for the occasion. 😉 Just kidding… sort of.

With 5 kids in our family and years of driving our mom crazy with our Halloween obsession, DJ Inkers has created plenty of not-so-spooky smiles to make this season a scream. (And a lot of them are on SALE now!) Whether you’re hosting a costume party, making a festive worksheet or activity for the kids or some custom decorations to get you in the spirit… you’ll find everything you need at DJI.

We can’t wait to see what you create! I hope you’ll take a few minutes to share. Your comments and creations make all of our work SO worth it. Thanks for your support and smiles, friends! Wishing you lovely leaves and warm autumn smiles!

Happy Fall clip art for kids and classrooms

~ Alix 🙂

Dianne’s daughter and website manager


Happy Birthday DJ Inkers!

Hello friends!

This year, DJ Inkers celebrates 29 years of creating smiles! Happy birthday to us! 😊🎈

It all began when I drew the very first “Cut & Copy” books for a neighborhood boutique nearly 3 decades ago!!  Since then, we’ve created everything from rubber stamps, stickers and bulletin boards to the thousands of digital smiles we offer today.  It has certainly been an adventure.


From the beginning, we have always been a small family business.  Over the years, I’ve enlisted every one of my 5 children to help with the company in one way or another.  Today, I work with two of my daughters at DJ Inkers.  Alix (my business & website manager/helper/smarty pants) has worked with me for over 13 years now (not including the early days of peeling ‘stickies’ off the backs of stamps for a penny).  Kaylie has worked for us doing customer service for about 4 years.  It’s just the three of us trying to make sure that YOU have a good experience with what you purchase from DJ Inkers.  I’m amazed that we still have such joy & creativity for new ideas… mixed with constant changes & frustrations.  With all of the waves of free clip art, computer changes and updates, people publicly sharing our images, the changing styles and needs of our customers and the costs of running a website… are pretty significant (and, at times, stressful).  There is a huge sense of pride in our work together.  Because… it’s not easy!!

What I do know… is that your smiles make it all worthwhile.  We couldn’t do it without YOU.  It is so much fun when we get to see your creations in the real world.  We crazy love it when one of the kids comes home with a handout that has a DJ smile.  We even see our classroom decor on tv once in awhile!  Your feedback and input help us more than I can ever begin to say.  Knowing what you’re looking for in clip art, fonts and printables helps us know what to create… and keeps us going!  We love to make your creations easier, cuter and more fun.  I truly thank you for being a supporter and customer.

If you have a fun summer project you’ve made with DJI… post it to our fb group: DJ Inkers Clip Art Creators.  You could win a $40 gift certificate this week!!!  If you have a fun new idea, project or clip art request… contact us!  If your school needs a new mascot or your child has a new teacher… please share our website with them.  Word of mouth is still our best advertiser.  🙂


We hope you’ll join us in celebrating our birthday with a fun Party Time SALE this week!  Click here to see some of the fun products on sale… and get a coupon for a FREE party favor!  😉


Looking forward to all the NEW and clever ways we can create a smile together this year!  So much love, heart and smiles to YOU!! ❤


Dianne, Alix & Kaylie



Add a smile to any project in just ONE click!

What’s the easiest way to make your creations stand-out and look great?  Use a fabulous font!  Did you know that DJ has designed over 300 fonts over the years?  WOW!  We’ve got fonts that are cute, fun, fancy, decorative, holiday, block letters, dot letters & MORE.  You can truly add a smile to ANY project in just one click!


That’s probably why Super FONTastic is our #1 seller. This collection has a great variety to help you create to your heart’s content with 77 unique fonts to choose from!


This week ONLY… get your Super Fontastic CD for just $20!!!  Also available in download format for 25% off, so you can install & type-up a smile in minutes.  On sale through August 8, 2018.


Super Fontastic font collection for MAC or PC

300+ fonts and nearly 30 years later… we are still feeling creative, having FUN and making more!  Do you have any font or lettering ideas you’d like to share with us?  We’d LOVE to hear your suggestions… so please comment below.  But most of all, THANK YOU for your support, your creativity and your smiles.  Super Fontastic has been a super success because of YOU!


Creativity quote with cute and fabulous fonts by DJ Inkers
Have a wonderful weekend!  Keep creating smiles…
-DJ Inkers

So many ways to create a smile with DJ Inker’s clip art and fonts

Love to create a smile?  You’ve come to the right place.  DJ Inker’s cute clip art and fabulous fonts have been going strong for 28 years, thanks to creative customers and talented folks like YOU, who take the time to add a little love to your projects.


We’ve seen thousands of project ideas and different ways to use our clip art and fonts over the years, but we’ve selected 48 of our favorites to get your creative juices flowing.  One thing’s for sure, making your projects with DJ Inkers means you’re adding a smiles …and the world can always use more.  🙂


There are so many fun ways to create a smile with DJ Inker’s clip art and fonts!  We couldn’t wait to share these amazing ideas with you.  To keep things simple, we narrowed it down to 8 project categories, so it’s easy to scroll straight to the kinds of creating that interest you most…

Ready to get started?

Shop for smiles now…

1. Posters, fliers and signs  

Need to capture your reader’s attention or promote an event?  What better way than to add style and flair with a few eye-catching images?  Make your life even easier and choose a clip art border!  We’ve got them for soooo many different occasions and themes.  Use a fabulous DJ font for your text and your poster is cute, coordinated and more professional looking.  Here are a few ideas to get you started…

2. Special occasions and party time  

Whether you’re hosting a birthday party, a baby shower or a holiday event, there’s always a need for invitations, signage, party favors and decorations!  That’s where DJ Inkers comes in.  First, shop by subject on our website to find some fun and festive images for your theme.  Then create each project with that art and personalize with a coordinating DJ font.  Your party is sure to look cute, cohesive and totally unique.  Plus, it’s really rewarding to see it all come together!

No time to create all of that yourself?  No problem.  We’ve got lots of wonderful printables for a variety of occasions & themes!  These projects are ready to go.  Just personalize, print and enjoy. 🙂


3. Worksheets, games and classroom smiles 

Our warm and whimsical art style is perfect for kids.  Adding a little DJ clip art makes schoolwork and classrooms seem more friendly and inviting… and the handouts grab your attention.  Choose from thousands of darling images designed to enhance your educational materials for school, church, youth groups, special interest clubs, home school and more.  We’ve been so impressed with the ideas we’ve seen over the years!

We’ve got a great selection of ready-made worksheets and school printables too!  Many of them were created by teachers and are tried & true in actual classrooms.  Our DJ file folder games might be the fan favorites.  Click here to see all of our fabulous educational printables now…


4. Homemade decorations, gift ideas and greeting cards

No matter the occasion, the best gifts and cards to give and receive are those that come from the heart.  Mom always said she liked things we made for her the very most.  Try making your own cards with a colorful digital background paper for a base, then add appropriate clip art and customize with one of our award-winning fonts or an alphabet.  These days, you can easily upload your project to a printer and inexpensively make your own canvas prints, bulletin boards, t-shirts, calendars, coffee mugs, throw blankets… you name it!  It’s so much fun too!!!

5. Calendars, planning and organization

Having tools and reminders to help everyone keep the schedules and the rules straight is super important, especially if you’re doing it for an entire group, classroom or office.  Take a look at our ready-made calendars.  There’s list calendars, photo calendars, event stickers, weather charts, classroom schedule cards and more to keep everyone posted (with a smile).

6. Scrapbooks, journals and memory books

DJ clip art and fonts can definitely help you customize your look, and page layouts.  Plus, it adds a lot of character and a truly unique touch to preserving your memories.  We have a broad range of styles and themes… so you can use DJ Inkers to help you create an adorable baby book, a fun custom yearbook for school, or even an elegant wedding album full of swirls and sparkles.

7. Awards and certificates  

Giving special recognition should look and feel special.  Start with a simple border, add a bold & decorative heading and finish with a fun image or two to wrap things up nicely.  It’s not always easy finding a certificate or award badge that suits your event or the recipient.  Making your own lets you completely customize and have fun with it… so it will be exciting to give too!  Feel free to email us any time you need something specific.  We’re happy to help.  Click here to shop special occasion smiles…

8. Project covers, notes and newsletters

Using a ready-made border makes this one quick and easy.  You can make your projects and reports really stand-out with a snazzy cover.  Adding a smile will certainly get your reader’s attention on family, office, school or club newsletters too.  We suggest DJ Border covers.

Ooooh… we really could go on and on, but we want to hear (and see) YOUR ideas!  Comment below, email us or join our new facebook group DJ Inker’s Clip Art Creators.  We can’t wait to see what YOU create.


Ready to start creating smiles of your own?  Join one of DJ Inker’s email lists and we’ll send a FREE set of clip art ‘Smiles to YOU’… plus a font and a 20% coupon for your next order!  Stay updated on our newest products and sales, and get more freebies and coupons too.  Click here to join a DJ email list now…


If you’re creating smiles on a GRAND scale and you’d like to sell your adorable and fabulous creations… be sure to check-out DJ’s Lifetime Commercial License!  You even get a discount on every purchase with us once you have an active license.  Woohoo!


Smiles to YOU 

from all of us at DJ Inkers 🙂



Why you’ll LOVE our NEW Favorite Fonts Collection!

Hello friends…


We are so glad it’s Friday.  Aren’t you?  We’ve had a busy week getting ready to release our NEWEST collection… DJ’s Favorite Fonts!  To create this collection, we have selected 10 of our very best fonts, then cleaned & updated them to perfection.  A few of these fonts have been around for 20+ years, and let’s face it… the technology has improved a lot!  So, now these fonts have that same classic DJ styles you love… but they’re so much better!


Now… some of these fonts (& their names) might look familiar to you… but these are brand new and improved versions of some older classics and newer favorites.  To make the differences very clear, we named these 10 fonts as version 2, so you can keep the original version, if you like.


You’ll find everything from cute to classy in this versatile collection of unique, hand-drawn lettering.  These 10 fonts were selected to give a broad range of uses & appeal… plus we LOVE and use them regularly.  We even converted them to Open Type (rather than True Type… which is more MAC friendly too).  We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.


Our fonts have been making people smile for over 25 years.  Download our Favorite Fonts today  and you’ll see why… 🙂


Happy weekend everyone and smiles to YOU!
~the DJ crew


P.S. Visit our website today for some sweet SALES on Valentine smiles!


P.P.S.  If you have a blog… you could earn our new Favorite Fonts set for FREE!  All you have to do is create something cute using a few of the new fonts and post it on your blog (with a link to the product).  Easy peasy!  Contact for more info.

Oooh! A New Fontastic Fonts cartridge from DJ Inkers & Cricut!

Dear DJ Friends…


Hope this note finds you filled with fabulous February love!


Hearts are my FAVORITE thing to doodle, draw, paint and create. My desk is spread from one end to the other with hearts of every shape and size! So this month makes me giddy with creativity.


It’s with a smile spread across my entire face that I proudly announce the arrival of the NEW DJ Inker’s CRICUT Fontastic Fonts cartridge. Ohhh my gosh! Working with CRICUT the past year to create this cartridge has been great. If you don’t have a Cricut Machine, ask for one for Valentine’s Day! Such a fabulous craft and creating tool. I know many of you have asked DJ Inkers for something like this the past few years…so TAAA DAAA!! It’s now available for YOU!


Making Valentine’s projects (with my heart obsession and love of fonts) is going to a new level of fun! Here’s a few of the projects already created with the Fontastic Fonts Cricut cartridge to inspire you. And if that doesn’t make your creative gears kick into action, then maybe a GIVEAWAY of the new cartridge will!  🙂  See below for HOW to enter and share the fun!

cricut projects

Happy Valentine’s week to you. Know for certain that you’re loved and appreciated by the crew here at DJ Inker’s!


Big smiles and Happy Heart Day everyday.

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