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Compatibility with new Windows systems

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Are DJ Inker's products compatible with Windows7? 8? 10? YES!!!! All of our digital downloads, and any DJ CD with .jpg and .png images should all work just fine. :)

Older CD's probably won't install automatically, but a manual installation is a piece of cake (instruction links below). The CD simply stores the clip art/fonts in folders (think of it as a folder of digital photos)... so all you need to do to make them 'work' for you is copy the information from the CD to your computer (or even a back-up drive)! If the CD has png & jpg images, you should have no trouble working with the images on any windows computer.

Now those really old programs (with wmf/eps vector files) are a bit tricky. Those file types take up more room... and the quality of the images isn't as good as our current work... so we highly recommend upgrading to save yourself a lot of hassle. You can still get these images to play along *in certain programs* (check the program you wish to create in for compatible file types). The hardest part is not being able to see them as 'thumbnails' as you browse your folder for options. But, even that is still possible if you know some tricks. (See below for info on previewing wmf images on newer systems.)

FIRST: If an automatic install does not appear when you insert the CD into your drive, open 'Computer' from your start menu or desktop. Then, double click on the CD you wish to install, or right-click & choose 'Open.' Here, you'll see the contents of the CD. Double click on the icon that says Set-Up.exe and 'Allow' the program to continue when the install window appears. Follow installation prompts from here to continue.

If option 1 doesn't work, try a 'Manual Installation.' This will usually override the problems you encounter with the standard automatic install (because you're simply going to copy the contents of the CD to your computer).

Click here for PC/Windows instructions on manual installation of CLIP ART
.OR... click here for instructions on installing FONTS.

Click here for MAC instructions on manual installation of CLIP ART.
OR... click here for instructions on installing FONTS.

If the CD is STILL giving you grief... you may want to consider upgrading to the download version. Alternatively, you can try running Windows system in "Compatibility Mode" (allowing you to run programs that weren't designed for newer operating systems). Then run a 'manual installation' (copy contents off of the CD on to your computer/back-up drive). For details on how to run "Compatibility Mode" on Windows 10CLICK HERE...to leave DJ Learning Center & go to an outside help page.

If your clip art is installed, but you're having trouble viewing clip art images (as 'thumbnails' or 'large icons')...
click here for detailed instructions & information.
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