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Fabulous news about DJ Inker's commercial licenses!

Author Alixess Spears
Created 01/18/38 10:14 PM
Last Modified 11/25/19 03:40 PM
Please know that we always do our best to listen to our customers and keep things simple & full of smiles for you. Recently, we've made some big changes to the terms of use on our commercial licenses. Whether you have one now, you've had one in the past... or you've considered buying one... this is GOOD (& important) information for you to know.

1. We no longer require our copyright information to be posted on every page of your projects. NOW, it is only required that you post it somewhere on your project (once) & also in your product description.

2. We no longer limit the earning potential of a specific product. DJ's commercial licenses are NOT for manufacturers, large corporations or for use in mass production. Commercial use is for small home-based business, home-based crafters (ie. Etsy, etc.) & teachers (Teachers Pay Teachers, Teachers Notebook etc.). We hope you make millions! :)

3. In order for us to protect our copyrights, we still must require an annual license for the commercial use of our products. But, we've got some GREAT news for YOU that sweetens the deal! Hooray! When you have a current commercial license with DJ Inkers, you will now get a 30% discount on ALL of your orders with us!!! Wahooooo! We will be add a 'membership level' to your user profile that gives you an automatic 30% discount on everything you buy (shown in the subtotal section of your shopping cart). This discount will remain active as long as you have a current DJ commercial license.

When we assign that membership level to an eligible customer, our system sends an automated email saying your profile is modified. Your membership will then show 'Commercial License Club.' (This confirms that your discount is active.) :) Please note, the discount does not apply to license renewals & some exceptions may apply. Club terms & conditions are subject to change.

4. There is now ONE DJ Inker's commercial license available (instead of 3). This license is good for 1 website or selling venue (ie. boutique). You still need a separate license for each site or venue that you sell from. (For example: if you sell your DJ projects on TPT, but advertise on your blog... you need 1 license total. If you create DJ projects to sell on TPT AND sell from your personal website, you need 2 licenses.)

5. This is just a reminder on a previous change to our licenses (to make sure everyone knows). If you have purchased a license, your projects posted during that calendar year are covered with no renewal necessary. If you wish to post NEW projects after that year is up, you will need to renew your license... but all previous projects are covered. (And… the new membership discount only continues with renewal.)

6. Have your own business for creating purposes & still want a DJ commercial license? That's OK too! Click here for more specific details on this question.

There are many reasons for these changes. We appreciate your patience with us and your cooperation as we work to evolve as a company. :) Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.
Have a wonderful week & SMILES to YOU!

Dianne & Crew

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