Why Upgrade?

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Posted: 02/21/2011 08:18 PM
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Synopsis: Why should I 'upgrade' my old DJ products? What makes the new CD's and downloads better than the original?

DJ art has been around for over 25 years now! And there's definitely some great products that you may love from the 80's & 90's... but as technology improves & changes, we've got to keep-up with the times! Our ability to make things look great at DJ Inkers gets better every year!

Unfortunately, some of our old products (like floppy disks) just aren't practical in today's computers. And even the older CD's just don't have the quality, compatibility & vibrancy that we can offer today. But, if the art is still in demand, we are working to 'upgrade' some of our older titles into NEW CD's or into digital downloads.

Our newest CD's & downloads all have clean, sharp, high resolution images... so that when you print, everything is professional & neat. This is especially important for printing high quality projects... like digital scrapbooking, card-making & crafting.

File types on all new titles are .jpg & .png. These image types were chosen by a customer poll, and lots of research. They're user friendly, accepted on all computers (MAC & PC/Windows)... old & new. These image types are just like a photograph, in that they are 'flat.' You can't edit or change them without photo-editing software.

PLUS... our newest CD's have updated installers for newer computers, an earth-friendly PDF reference manual (many include project ideas) that you can view right on your screen, and convenient links to our website & helpful hints on how-to use our products.

Click here to learn how to upgrade & see a list of discounted upgrades available.

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