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DJ Inkers Commercial Licensing Agreement. Option #2

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Posted: 01/10/2013 01:50 PM
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Synopsis: The complete terms... D.J. Inkers, LLC. Commercial License Agreement #2
For: One (1) commercial website or collaborative blog

D.J. Inkers, LLC. Commercial License Agreement for: One (1) commercial website or collaborative blog

Because you have purchased a commercial license, the license terms contained in our download folders & CD's are superseded by this commercial agreement.

By purchasing this license you agree: All D.J. Inkers images & fonts shall remain the property of D.J. Inkers, LLC., and are protected by United States copyright law.

This license is to allow a single individual purchaser (meaning, the individual who actually bought the DJ Inkers products) to create derivative designs that they will personally sell or profit from as a result of their design work. (A derivative work is a creation that includes basic copyrighted aspects of a previously created work, but is a recasting, transformation or adaptation of that original work and includes new copyrightable elements.)

This is NOT a license to re-distribute/sell DJ Inkers graphics or fonts in their original format. In this commercial license, DJ Inkers graphics & fonts are to be considered design tools/components rather than a final product. This license extends to the purchaser's computer(s) only.

DJ Inkers graphics & fonts are not to be shared, loaned, rented, resold, distributed, transferred, or posted across a network, modem, Internet or web page in their original form.

This license is effective for one year from the date of purchase. All projects posted for sale during that time will be covered under this license. After a calendar year has expired, you will need to renew your license if you wish to continue to post &/or sell NEW projects. (You will receive an email reminder.) Existing projects do not require renewal.

This license is valid for 1 person on 1 commercial website or collaborative blog.
Each person posting/selling projects that use DJ Inkers graphics/fonts on the site or blog needs to purchase this license. (This license is NOT for the use of an entire site or blog group.)
The items you are posting can only be posted for sale through a single commercial website or collaborative blog that sells to the end-user. If you wish to sell projects on more than 1 site you will need to purchase a license for each one. Sites may include (but are not limited to): Teachers Pay Teachers, Teachers Notebook, Teachers Marketplace, Talented Teacher Treasures, art share sites, non-profit sites, commercial sites etc.
You MUST purchase a license and post your unique license number on the 'product description' (or product overview) of each derivative work.
All product descriptions must include the words "Clip art &/or fonts Dianne J Hook. www.djinkers.com." This text should also be included on every item/page that displays graphics or fonts by D.J Inkers. (You may use the .png image of the copyright included with your license.)
Online postings must include a click-able link to www.djinkers.com in the description of the item. If you'd like, you may use the commercial license button (included in the zip file) on the blog or website that you are selling from to display your licensing info.
The item/project must be created by you (the purchaser).
This commercial license is NOT extended to corporations, partnerships, or LLC's. Please contact us if you are uncertain whether your site qualifies: 1-800-325-4890 or smiles@djinkers.com
Never give or sell any of our graphics away as graphics, or fonts as fonts. You must always create a new project using our designs for this license to apply.

You MAY use the licensed product(s) to create a derivative work that you sell or profit from.
You MAY use the licensed product(s) to create a derivative work to include in a kit, collection, or self-published digital work. This kit may NOT include the licensed DJ Inkers product(s) in their original format.
You MAY design & sell projects for customers that will be the end user of the product. Projects may include school worksheets, lesson plans, cards, invitations, decorations, scrapbook pages/albums, personal/educational websites, etc. (This is not a complete list, but includes some examples of permissible usage.)

You may NOT sell or share anyone else's freebies or projects. This includes activities, projects & games purchased from D.J. Inkers. Examples include (but are not limited to): calendars, classroom kits, bulletin board downloads, file folder games, learning books, coloring pages etc.). This is strictly forbidden.
You may NOT sell (or turn over) the derivative designs to any company or another individual seller for any reason.
You may NOT recolor and/or add patterns and/or modify and/or repackage and/or reformat our creations without adding your own designs to make it a derivative work. You must add a substantial amount of new material to create a new derivative product.
You may NOT resell a licensed design for embroidery/crafts/rubber stamps/stickers. Any reselling must be part of a derivative work.
You may NOT use the files for obscene, defamatory, libelous or immoral works or any other purpose which is prohibited by law.
You may NOT post individual DJ Inkers images on websites or online projects without protecting the image from being copied.
You may NOT use these graphics to create your own products which will compete with djinkers.com, or that resembles any other DJ Inkers product(s).
You may NOT distribute any graphics, fonts or products (as they are received from D.J. Inkers) directly to consumers.

Limitations for commercial use:
This license allows a maximum of $2,000 resulting from the sale of a single derivative work within a one year time frame. Please contact us to discuss further licensing options if the sales of a single project reaches more than $2,000 in a year.
Only the licensee may sell or profit from the derivative work. The derivative work cannot be resold or re-licensed to another individual or company for resale.
These files may NOT be used to create any business identifying products (including logos, business websites, business cards, letterheads etc.)
The license is intended for individual designers and not for companies with multiple employees.
If you do not meet these limitations or have additional questions about licensing for a business, please contact us directly.

No graphics or fonts are included in this license (sold separately). Any sharing of DJ Inkers graphics or fonts with others is a copyright violation. All other terms posted on our website still apply.

We reserve the right to review, remove, withdraw, or discontinue any product at our discretion at any time. We also reserve the right to review and deny certain usages based on our interpretation of what constitutes a derivative work.

If you are interested in publishing your works, or obtaining licensing for a company, partnership, LLC, or corporation for any D.J. Inkers products, please contact us with your specific details. 435-717-7007 smiles@djinkers.com

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